About Us

Our Mission

To aid, educate, and support women who are pregnant; to help women recognize the wonderful gift of motherhood; to present life-affirming options to men and women who seek wholeness of body, mind and spirit; to encourage healthy relationships based on mutual respect and understanding.


We at a Woman’s Answer Medical Center have a wonderful group of board members who are active community leaders dedicated to maintaining a functional and effective Medical Center. Our board members are working or have worked in the fields of  real estate, medicine, law, pharmacy, and education.



At a Woman’s Answer Medical Center, we have a warm and friendly staff available to help you with whatever your needs and concerns are regarding your pregnancy. Our small and effective staff members include: our Executive Director, Shirley Lane; and our two ultrasound technicians Gina Njeru and Torna Fletcher.


Being a volunteer at A Woman’s Answer Medical Center is a rewarding and worthwhile experience for all our volunteers. “I love helping young women learn about their choices and pregnancy” says Frances Lapinsky.

If you would like to be a volunteer, please contact us. We would like you to join our team!